This is a page of links to articles about comic books (and companies) I've been associated with over the years.

DAMAGE CONTROL My first comic book was a comedy I created for Marvel Comics about an engineering and construction firm that cleans up all the mess after titans clash.

THE ROAD TO HELL A romantic comedy series I co-created with Matt Wayne for the British weekly TOXIC.

ICON "She's from the wrong side of the tracks, he's from the wrong side of the galaxy." I co-created ICON then wrote it for four years. I think it's my best work.

ICON: A HERO'S WELCOME The 196-page graphic novel, allegedly still in print.

STATIC The original comic that the current STATIC SHOCK TV series is based on. I co-created it, and co-wrote the first four issues. The incredibly talented Robert L. Washington III took it from there.

HARDWARE The first Milestone comic book. I wrote it and co-created it.

MILESTONE MEDIA INC. The company behind the creator-owned, multicultural line of comics that inncludes STATIC SHOCK, ICON, BLOOD SYNDICATE, XOMBI and many others. Here's an article about our relationship with DC Comics.


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