Deadline for completed submissions is 11:59pm PST on May 25, 2024

A select committee of judges has once again come together for the purpose of recognizing outstanding work that promotes diversity in the comic book medium both on the page and behind the scenes, in the spirit of the pioneering creator, Dwayne McDuffie.

“I am part of the DMADs because of gratitude. I am thankful that
Dwayne McDuffie’s amazing skills made me enjoy being a comic book
nerd and also gave me the opportunity to be a comic book hero! But
even more importantly, Dwayne showed us that diversity is about equity and also about excellence. When you widen the available perspectives of characters, stories and creators in an industry, you make it better!  That is why we are committed to honoring this genius and keeping his legacy going.”

Phil LaMarr 

“In a time of such cultural division, political extremism and unapologetic intolerance, I’m elated that comic book creators can once again submit to this award that represents what Dwayne stood for: inclusion, compassion, and the highest quality of storytelling.”

DMAD Director, Will J. Watkins 

“The DMADs shine a spotlight on creators who represent diversity on the page and/or behind the scenes, who might not otherwise garner industry attention. As Dwayne stated often, diversity means ‘all kinds of people’— men, women, non-binary, big, Little, disabled, every different race and creed, and any combinations of the above, plus more! If you’re a human being, you are eligible and welcome to submit your inclusive work. We look forward to seeing it all!”

Dwayne’s widow, Charlotte (Fullerton) McDuffie 

Please note: All of the information provided will be kept confidential and be used for evaluation purposes only. The judging committee will review the submissions and select the nominees, then the Award honoree. Among the criteria for inclusion are: Broadening the range of characters portrayed in comics, adding to the variety of creators contributing to the medium, influence on the marketplace and contributions to the advancement of women, minorities, LGBTQ+ and disabled individuals in comic books and pop culture.

To submit a nomination, please complete all fields and submit each nomination form separately. You can submit the work to be considered in multiple ways indicated below.




    There are three ways you can submit your work to us.

    To submit your work via e-mail, please complete the rest of this form and submit it. After submission you can e-mail your work to Your work should be emailed as a PDF file and a maximum of 15MB.

    You can also include a photo of yourself (in JPG format). Your image should be no larger than 5MB.

    If your work is available online you can submit a link directly to the file. Please copy and paste the full website link below.

    If you have a photo of yourself online, you can include the link to the photo: